In our Leadership Program our participants are challenged to create impact on society by fundraising for a non-profit organization of their choise. Teammates are encouraged to envision the unimaginable. Together as a team they work together in their free time, using the skills from our trainings and support from our Energía Positiva personal coaches. Creating the impossible, and delivering the unobtainable.
We consistently deliver on the declarations we make. In every project 10.000 – 15.000 euro is raised within just one month. Through our non-profit partnerships 100% of these donations are transferred directly to the non-profit bankaccount of that organization, for immediate use and impact!

Organizations we contributed and impacted:

  • Tibetan Children’s Village (2020)
  • Ocean CLEAN UP (2019)
  • Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp (2018)
  • Stichting SafeWings Noordwijk (2018)
  • Stichting Het vergeten Kind (2017)

Carlijn de Jong, responsible for the collecting department of SafeWings Noordwijk:

‘We are delighted about the results this leadership team of Energía Positiva made. There are a lot of children who live in unhealthy and poor circumstances, also in the Netherlands. With SafeWings we support these children and their families. The Leadership Team embraced our vision that much, that they raised more than 10.000 euro for us. They were really creative in contacting a lot of sponsors in a short period of time and we are extremely proud of them!’

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