Mirjam Schrooten

High Five Coaching

Parenting – and Childcoaching

Parenting is the best thing there is, but it can also give you challenges that you have never experienced before. Many of the problems you face as a parent are part of the process of growing up and can sometimes get in the way of you and your child. From my practice I help you and your child together with practical tips, information and guidance.

Edmonda Visser

I am Edmonda and I am really passionate about business coaching and teambuilding. I have over 25 years of business acumen within the corporate world and combined this throughout the years with personal development. Therefore I truly speak the language of companies and understand the value of personal purpose. I am energetic, straight forward, driven and always looking for the happiness factor within you.

Marianne Schram


Lifecoaching, Compassion & Yogaflow

Kathelijne van Mierlo

Kathelijne van Mierlo

General coach; adults and children. Specialized in mental health care and guiding mental transformation processes

Danielle van Kaathoven


My mission in coaching is to help storm-hunters, multitaskers and perfectionists finding balance during every storm in their lives where the positive nurturing of body and mind is central.

Valerie Grasmeijer

Alles Eruit Coaching

Every person is unique. I coach people who live with a disability or think they live with a disability. I would like to guide your search for independence, following your dream while keeping your energy in balance.

Lilian Jongkind

Roffa Communicatie

My name is Lilian Jongkind and since 2011 I am the owner of communication Agency Roffa Communicatie. Often I join a team or company where there are challenges between the team members or colleagues. They ask me to intervene and get the team ‘on board’ to get a job or project done, together! My passion is creating awareness and strength in others. My specialization is coaching (small) teams (up to 8 members). With my expertise in mostly (semi)government environments these companies fit me the best.

Vincent Vonk

Coaching bij Vincent

It’s my passion to work with children. As a father, a Primary-school teacher and coach, it’s my mission to coach and support the children I work with, as well as their parents, to be the best version of themselves every day.

Mariëlle Bakhuizen

Mariëlle Bakhuizen

I have worked as a senior HR advisor for almost 20 years and I have seen that the balance between work and a private life is very important and can sometimes be a challenge. It is my mission to guide you in creating balance between your work/obligations and your private live. Let me support you to take responsibility everyday and work on your limiting beliefs. So you feel more balanced and fill up with energy again!

Helen Lettinga

Tree Coaching

Living abroad and being a parent for more than 10 years my coaching practice has grown and focuses mainly on parents, young adults and expats. My coaching helped me to become who I really am, from inside out. I invite you to explore and experience different ways together so you will achieve what you really want in life and in your relationships. You grow, flow and shine as the beautiful tree you are.

Vera Verhoeven


When people are in a positive mood and a good shape they can support others and make a difference in their lives and in the world. As a manager in health for 25 years and a mother I learned how important this subject is for both individuals and organisations.

For that reason it is my vision to inspire, coach and train individuals and organisations in taking care of themselves in both mental and physical ways of being.

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