Expert in Coaching CCA

It is a 6-month theoretical and practical training to become a Transformational Coach (oriented to personal relationships) to develop the skills of a professional, to use them in your personal and professional life; to be a better manager, employee, teacher, father, mother, human being… Leader.

Evoking Leaders

  • A deep, profound and life-alter experience, an exclusive program, only once a year. A single investment of 6 months…, for a lifetime.
  • Multiple locations, to create synergy, to connect with vision, all over Europe (Spain, Holland, Sweden, graduation in Santiago de Compostela (St. James Way…).
  • High Impact Leadership Skills
  • At the completion of this training you will stop talking and will start
    communicating (in an inspiring and connected way).
  • Become a CCA Certified International Coach to apply the tools in your personal and professional relationships.

Become a Trainer

Our Trainer Academy is our most elite group-training program and is for leaders of all kinds: entrepreneurs, coaches, executives, officers, community leaders, teachers, trainers, inspirational speakers, presenters, and anyone dedicated to creating an extraordinary impact in their lives and the world. TA is designed for graduates of the Leadership Program who have demonstrated a high level of achievement and accomplishment and who are committed to developing themselves as change agents in the world to make a profound difference.