Towards Program

Towards is an Educational Leadership Program to obtain basic coaching skills to be a better father / mother and, if you work in the educational field, a great educator, Also it is an opportunity to lead your life and others people’s lives.

Our purpose with this program is to transform your Home and Schools.



Learn techniques and skills that will facilitate listening, connection and the ability to ask empowering questions.


Use Coaching tools for students to discover more options when it comes to relating to reality.


Teach Emotional Intelligence applied to the balanced management of emotions.


Develop leadership in your children and / or students.


SESSION 1 - Scenario

  • Theoretical foundations of Coaching.
  • Vision: the process of becoming a Coach.
  • Ladder of learning.
  • Use and practical applications.

SESSION 2 - Iceberg

  • Beliefs and values: source – types – challenge
  • Use and practical applications.

SESSION 3 - Opportunity

  • Parent-child relationship – child educators – students
  • Connection – Empathy – Rapport
  • Listen to understand.
  • Use and practical applications.

SESSION 4 - Empowerment

  • Questions with Sense / Purpose.
  • Value and use of Feedback.
  • Use and practical applications.

Duration of the program


  • 4 Sessions
  • Duration: 3 hours each (+30 minutes break)
  • Assistance and participation in all the sessions
  • Total hours: 12h.


  • 4 Sessions
  • Duration: 2 hours each
  • Group Conferences Call on line to reinforce the contents of the previous session and clarification of doubts.
  • Total hours: 8h.

Next Trainings

NOTE: The scheduling of our live training(s) will be subject to European Corona Virus Measures. For that reason keep in mind that rescheduling of dates is a possibility. It is our intention to keep you informed at all times about the planning of our programs! If the training(s) will not be possible in a face to face context, we will start with an online introductory training to get you started.

More information

For more information about the program, please contact us, by filling out the form or calling us at +31 (0) 683 238 046.