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Creating Personal Succes: The Power of Goal Setting

In the journey of life, we often find ourselves navigating through obligations and to do lists. And yes, we have dreams and a vision for our future. Yet, how do we transform these dreams into a reality having full schedules and obligations? Without goals, we wander aimlessly through the stress and ‘have to’s’ of daily life, which we call the drift, and we are losing sight of what truly matters to us. For sure we get to places, but we never really reach the destination of our dreams.

But is that even possible? Yes, of course it is! The key lies in the profound practice of goal setting and taking committed action on it. So how does that work?

1. Vision, Goals and Action: The Roadmap to Success

The process starts with having a vision of where you see yourself in your best life possible. Then the goals are the necessary steps to get there. Whether it's personal growth, health, relationships, career, or finance, setting goals is the essential compass that guides you to the vision for your life. A well-defined goal and taking committed action on it ensures that your efforts are purposeful and aligned with your long-term vision.

2. Responsability: Owning Your Journey

Once you set the goals, it is up to you! So ask yourself, what does it take from me and who do I need to be to achieve this goal? Taking ownership and be responsible for who you are in the journey to commit yourself to the necessary actions are key. This accountability empowers you to make conscious choices and actively work towards your goals. By acknowledging your responsibility, you transform your journey from a passive drift into an active pursuit of our vision. You are the only one who can make it happen!

3. Commitment: the driving force behind goal setting

When you are committed, you are willing to see it through no matter what, despite the obstacles and distractions. This has nothing to do with wishing, wanting, or hoping. You are willing to pay the prices and are doing what you said you were going to do. No matter what, whatever it takes. The commitment to your goals is what transforms your vision into a reality. You know the ‘hard moments’? When you don’t feel like it, when you don’t see the value anymore, when other things in life call your attention? Those moments are very valuable, because they give you the opportunity to really face your commitment level. Because commitment is easy when you are starting, and things are working. But when things are not working, it is all about ownership again.

4. Breakdowns as the opportunity to Grow

Results don’t define you, but they show who you have been in the process. A moment of breakdown is the moment of truth. To check what is working and -specifically in this moment - what is not working - from you! It provides you with the opportunity to ask for feedback and give yourself feedback. What was in the way of you reaching your goals? What was holding you back? Fear of speaking out, saying yes to too many people, forgetting about you along the way? Pride, not asking for help? In this phase it is all about honesty. And using feedback to grow instead of putting you down. So what does it take from you to shift here? And not quit, but redesign and try again? Commitment is about going forward after a breakdown, not quitting your vision!

Rewards: Results, Compass, Motivation and Self Esteem

Besides reaching new and great results towards your vision, goalsetting has other rewards!

  • First, goals give us a target to work towards. Having an objective instills a certain level of motivation in us to achieve it.
  • Second, with a goal in mind it is easier to stay on track and say no to other things that are appealing. Without goals and commitment to it, too many other things in life are interesting, and worth trying. Taking you of the path of your vision.
  • Third, with each goal that we accomplish, whether large or small, our motivation grows. This is due to the sense of pride felt in achieving a target, which then motivates us to do it more and more. Achieving goals, whether big or small, contributes to a positive feedback loop that strengthens our self-confidence.
  • Each milestone reached becomes a confirmation to our capabilities, creating a deep sense of pride and self-worth. This enhanced self-esteem helps us to face challenges with resilience, knowing that we have the power to overcome obstacles. So goal setting is a great tool for building self-esteem.

Goalsetting as the foundation of Personal Success!

So, the impact of goal setting goes beyond just achieving the objectives. It enhances our self-esteem, shapes our personality, unfolds our leadership, and makes us grow in the process into individuals capable of facing the drift of life with purpose and intention. So, what is your next meaningful goal that you are going to achieve to live your vision? Start today with setting that goal, take committed action, learn to honestly give yourself feedback and build the foundation of a purpose-driven life worth living!

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Looking forward to seeing you (again)! :-)

Hugs, Team Gettinvolved Trainings

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