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Welcome to Gett Involved.

We are an international training and development company for personal and professional growth. We offer unique Transformational Leadership Coaching, Trainings and Next Level Programs with the aim of evoking leadership in people.

It is our vision that people have the opportunity to create anything; fulfilling relationships, a successful career, ... a life worth living. The only thing it takes to unleash your full potential, is the courage to dream, the openness to look at things from a different perspective, and the commitment to take action on your vision. That is exactly what our work is about. If you want to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others, join us in the journey of transformation!

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What is Transformation?

Transformation goes far beyond change or personal effectiveness. It is a new way of existing; a new dimension, where you access different ways of being, some of them (long) forgotten. It means to evolve, improve, shift to that place and reach a deep and different level, which makes you the best and most complete version of yourself in all aspects of your life. It is about going above and beyond, not limiting yourself anymore, to access freedom, power, and passion to create and live a life worth living.

Your experience with us

Gett Involved
'This training is something different; a must for moving forward in your life! Experience this powerful and unbelievable journey if you can!' -
Hendrik Jan - Manager
Gett Involved
"To be honest I started the training with a bit of an 'ok, let's see what it will bring' attitude. I was impressed by the way the training was programmed. I left with an awareness that I was absolutely not living my full potential in my life. My life is really changing now and although sometimes it feels a bit scary, I feel I can trust the process and myself in it. So a big big thanks!"
Saakje - Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur
Gett Involved