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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of application

1.  The following general terms and conditions apply to all agreements that you sign with Gettinvolved Trainings, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. In addition, the third parties engaged for the implementation of the agreement are referred to as 'Gettinvolved Trainings' 

Scope of obligations

2.1  Agreements signed with Gettinvolved Trainings lead to an obligation of best effort for Gettinvolved Trainings, not to an obligation to achieve results, whereby Gettinvolved Trainings is obliged to fulfill its obligations in such a way as to standards of care and craftsmanship according to the standards of the moment of compliance with Gettinvolved Trainings can be demanded.
2.2  If Gettinvolved Trainings engages third parties for the implementation of an agreement concluded with Gettinvolved Trainings, Gettinvolved Trainings is obliged to carefully select such third parties as the client would do if the client would select those third parties.
2.3  Insofar as Gettinvolved Trainings depends on information from, or assistance from, the client or a participant for a correct performance of its obligations, Gettinvolved Trainings is discharged from its obligations in the event of non-timely provision of this information or granting of that information or collaboration.

Placement / admission

3.1  Programs offered by Gettinvolved Trainings (in the broadest sense of the word) will only take place if there is sufficient registration. For more registrations than can be placed, placement follows the order of registration.
3.2  A (telephone) goal-setting interview in which the learning objectives of a program are matched with the learning needs of the participant can be part of the training. This interview is then the starting moment of the training and is obligatory for participation in the relevant training or workshop.


4.1  Non-participation in an activity on that date, on which one is placed (other than in the 4.2 situation) is considered to be a cancellation (even if the same activity is participated at a later time). Cancellation must be in writing.


4.1.1  In case of cancellation within two months before the start, € 150, - administration / cancellation costs will be charged. In case of cancellation within four weeks before the start, 50% of the price is due. No refunds are possible after commencement. With due observance of the provisions in 3.2, a placed participant may be replaced. Any discounts are personal and not transferable.


4.2  If one of the parties fails substantially in the fulfillment of its obligations and, after explicitly having been informed of this by the other party, does not comply with these obligations within a reasonable period of time, the other party is entitled to terminate the agreement without the terminating party, the defaulting party will owe any compensation. The services delivered until the termination are paid in the agreed manner. 
4.3  If the agreement concluded with Gettinvolved Trainings relates to more than one delivery of the same performance, the agreement concluded with Gettinvolved Trainings shall be deemed to have been concluded for the duration of one year (unless expressly agreed otherwise). Such an agreement will be renewed for a period of one year. Each party may terminate the agreement in writing three months before this renewal, whereby the parties shall under no circumstances be obliged to pay any compensation on the basis of such termination.
4.4  Gettinvolved Trainings has the right to cancel the training or assignment without giving any reason or to refuse participation of a participant or the substitute participant designated by the participant, in which cases the participant is entitled to reimbursement of the entire amount due to the participant Gettinvolved Trainings paid amount.

Prices, invoicing and payment

5.1  All prices quoted by Gettinvolved Trainings are inclusive of VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise. 
5.2  Arrangement and accommodation costs are not included in the training prices, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
5.3  Gettinvolved Trainings invoices immediately after assignment is signed, unless otherwise agreed in the assignment.
5.4  Payments must be made within fourteen days of the invoice date. In the case of overdue payments, default interest is due and collection costs, amounting to 15% of the amount not paid on time, will be charged. The default interest is equal to the statutory commercial interest.


6.  Neither party is permitted during the execution of the agreement and within one year after termination of the agreement persons to take on the service or otherwise of people who are involved from either party or who have been involved in the execution of an agreement to take on the service or otherwise to work or to negotiate with these persons, other than with the prior written consent of the other party. 

Intellectual ownership

7.  Insofar as copyright, trademark, design, trade name or other intellectual property rights are based on products and services supplied by Gettinvolved Trainings for the execution of the agreement, Gettinvolved Trainings shall and shall remain the holder (pursuant to third-party licenses) respectively owner of these rights. The client only obtains a non- transferable right of use in so far as this is necessary for the execution of the agreement. The client may only use the material carriers of these rights for the purpose for which they have been provided to the client, do not multiply them and do not change or remove the author, trademark, design, trade name and other indications. 


8.1  Gettinvolved Trainings is not liable for indirect damage attributable to it.
For damage that is a direct consequence of a shortcoming attributable to Gettinvolved Trainings, Gettinvolved Trainings is only liable if this shortcoming is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Gettinvolved Trainings. If Gettinvolved Trainings is obliged to compensate damage, this compensation is limited to the agreed price in the agreement (and with a continuing performance agreement, for the duration of max one year).
8.2  Insofar as sports and comparable activities form part of the agreement concluded with Gettinvolved Trainings, participants in such activities must themselves assess whether they are physically and conditionally capable of participating responsibly in such activities.
8.3  Pregnant women may only participate in the online Engage training sessions / or de live Basic and Advanced Training of Gettinvolved Trainings, after consultation and then at their own risk.
8.4  For participants with a history of psychoses, admittance into the trainings is only possible after approval of a medical professional.
8.5  For participants who have / had psychiatric medical treatment or you are currently seen by a psychiatric doctor, admittance into the trainings is only possible after approval of a medical professional.

Personal registration

9.  By entering into an agreement with Gettinvolved Trainings, Gettinvolved Trainings is granted permission to automatically process the personal data obtained from the agreement. This personal data will only be used by Gettinvolved Trainings for its own activities. Gettinvolved Trainings will manage the personal data it has obtained in the manner prescribed by law.

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