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Grow as a Team

A team is a group of people aligned to a common vision that they are collectively working towards. A team leverages the strength of numbers, the strength of diversity, and the strength of unity.  Teamwork is often seen as a harmonious effort towards success. However, real-life teams encounter common challenges that hinder their effectiveness, productivity and the successful results are not created.

The five key challenges that we see often in team:

  • Trust – lack of trust makes team members hide their weaknesses and mistakes. Trust forms the foundation of effective teamwork. Without it, communication becomes less effective, and collaboration suffers.
  • Conflict – fear of conflictlets issues go unresolved, which can lead to resentment and disengagement of team members. Team members act nice but gossip about each other behind their backs.
  • Commitment - lack of commitment let team members to postpone important decisions and fail to align their individual objectives with the team goal.
  • Ownership - avoidance of ownership leads to team member apologize frequently about not keeping their word and come up with excuses or start pointing fingers.
  • Team Results – lack of focus on team results makes team members priori- tize personal interests over collective goals, then progress stagnates, and achievements remain elusive.

In our ‘Grow as a team’ program the team will learn how to overcome these challen- ges and create effective collaboration from a common team goal.

In our Team Growing Program your team will be the focus of attention. You will learn and experience concepts and tools of emotional intelligence. Also you will learn how to connect together as a start of building trust and relationships. In this Program with a duration of 4-6 months we offer half-day workshops on the different subjects, which build on each other.

Contact us to create your customized program, keynote or deepening training.

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