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Grow as a Team

A team is a group of people aligned to a common vision that they are collectively working towards. A team leverages the strength of numbers, the strength of diversity, and the strength of unity. Many teams, however, are not clear that they even are a team, and suffer from a variety of dysfunctions.

In our Team Growing Program your team is the focus of attention. In this Program we offer half-day workshops on the following subjects, which build on each other.

  1. Gett Connected (Introduction)
  2. Gett to Know Each Other (Personality Styles)
  3. Creating Team (Grow with Feedback)
  4. Creating Time (Time Effective Tools)
  5. Appreciation in the Workplace (Empowering others)

In these five half day workshops …

  1. You will learn to connect together in a more personal and deep way as a start of building trust and relationship.
  2. You will learn about the personality styles in your team. You will discover the strength of each and every one of them and develop skills to enhance team and individual potential. You will be able improve working together with others.  
  3. You will learn to create a learning environment for your employees where the team grows together from effective feedback and growing tools.
  4. You will learn to create more results in less amount of hours. By learning to focus on what really matters and creating personal leadership.
  5. You will learn how to create a positive work environment and communicate appreciation in a way that employees feel truly valued.

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