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Engage Leadership Training 

The Engage Leadership Training will give you the opportunity to acquire high performance personal leadership skills to deepen your learning from the Engage Fundamentals Training. You will have the opportunity to be challenged again, make bold declarations and be held accountable to follow through and execute.

What separates Engage Leadership from Engage Fundamentals is real tangible results!

The purpose of Engage Leadership is to stand as the source of a transformed world. To take the tools, insights and breakthroughs you’ve gained in the first two levels and apply them in your life.

You will be challenged to make bold declarations, and held accountable to follow through and execute. As a leader, you will also be trained in the art of enrolment – learning how to inspire and evoke the visions and dreams of other people and empowering them to take committed action to make it a reality.

About the weekends ...

Personal Leadership Stage 1

PL1 -> The first stage is aimed at acquiring personal leadership to deepen your learning of your Engage Fundamentals (September 6th - 8th '24 or October 18th-20th '24)


Personal Leadership Stage 2

PL2 -> The second stage is aimed at acquiring teamwork skills, deeper personal development and personal leadership in life extreme activities! (June 28th - 30th '24 or November 15th-17th '24))


Personal Leadership Stage 3

PL3 -> The third stage is retreat of 3 days in the countryside. It is a celebration of graduating the full ENGAGE PROGRAM, anchoring your learnings, acknowledgement, connection and fun! (May 31st - June 2nd '24 or January 17th - 19th '25 FULL)

This full Engage Leadership Training includes three separate training stage and ongoing one-on-one life coaching. During the program you will have 3 personal coaching sessions (one with every weekend) with a certified transformational coach from the Gett Involved team to work on your goals and create extraordinary results with a personal strategic plan.

In every stage you will learn…

  • Personal Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork

Prices & package discount

The price for every single Engage Leadership Training Stage is 599 euro incl. VAT for personal subscription and 899 euro excl. VAT for business subscription.

Package discount: price for the full Engage Leadership Training is 1500 euro incl. VAT for personal registration and 2250 euro excl VAT for Business Registration. This includes 3 Personal Leadership Stages, 3 Personal Coaching Sessions and 2 overnight stays in a retreat location (excluding food and travelling).

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