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After graduating from the Engage Leadership Weekend(s) or as a student of the Expert in Coaching Program, you are welcome to be a Staff Support Coach. In fact, we consider coming back to as Staff Coach as completion of your training. As you become part of the team, you will step into a higher level of responsibility for being the source in implementing the tools and living the work while creating other leaders. You will have the opportunity to go through the trainings again as a leader among leaders at no cost.

As a Student Coach in the Engage, you will participate in every element of the training while collaborating with the co-captains and the trainer. We ask from you to participate in the pre-training meetings, and be present during the full process of the training (the 7-days Basic and Advanced Training). You will be given a small group of students and lead them as their main point of contact. You will answer questions, coordinate processes, build connection, and manage time during exercises and meals. You will be providing guidance and support through coaching calls during the training weeks. You will hold your students accountable to their visions. And – most importantly – you will celebrate them!

The dates for upcoming trainings are:

September 20th (Basic Training), November 8th (Basic Training) and November 21st (Advanced Training)

You can sign up below for our 2024 trainings. Please leave your training of choice in the comment field. After signing up we will have an intake with you to check your vision and goals for being staff. 

GROUNDING: In preparation of the Engage Fundamentals, there will be a staff grounding on both the Monday-evenings in the week of the Engage Fundamentals Weekend 1 and Engage Fundamentals Weekend 2. Both groundings will be from 8 pm untill 10 pm. Keep these nights free!

 I am interested in being Staff!

6 reasons to be Staff Support Coach:

  • Pay it forward. Someone stood as your coach, and now it’s your turn. You will continue to learn from the training as you develop new skills and have a blast!

  • Experience the trainings again from a different perspective. This will reinforce the tools and concepts of transformation for yourself and create the opportunity to take your own game to the next level.

  • Expand your reach as a leader. Be trained to fulfill your role and develop transferable skills that you can apply to every area of your life: being a leader in your home, at work, in your social circles and in your community.

  • Practice leading a team. You will witness your ability to create impact with others and experience the satisfaction and gratification of knowing you made a difference with real people.

  • Develop yourself as a change agent. Practicing the skills of being a coach is an opportunity to be the change you wish to see in the world.

  • Live your vision. Be held accountable to your own vision by your own coach and by leading as an example to your students and the overall training team.Coaching is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly fun!

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