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Children are our greatest teachers - when we are able to interact with them and understand what they are saying - or not saying. If you can really listen to your child - without wanting to solve problems or take action - then you can actually handle all the challenges in parenting!

How can you grow the relationship with your child? By listening and learning to deal with your child's feelings and your own feelings. Because there is a direct link between how children feel and how they behave. As a parent you have more influence on that than you think! In a process of 3-5 individual sessions, you get to know your child in a different way and you also get to know yourself. 

You will develop skills with which you can act both lovingly and powerfully towards your child. It is possible to bring your child and/or partner to the sessions to work together in this challenging, but above all beautiful task of guiding a young individual in the growth to his/her greatest potential!


  • Create a vision of parenting
  • Work together with your partner and child
  • Teach your child to take responsibility
  • Learn to set boundaries
  • Develop autonomy in your child
  • Know when you should and should not intervene
  • Listen and connect with your child and yourself

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