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Are you looking for a self & timemanagement program for your team or employees? The purpose of our Timemanagement Program is: to grow employees in emotional intelligence and personal leadership in order for them to become more effective in time & self-management. By the end of this program participants take ownership and manage themselves and their time, to be able to work in excellence and with purpose.

Pillar 1 - The Foundations of Emotional Intelligence: ‘How to become more emotional intelligent?’ 

- What is emotional intelligence?
- What is the comfort zone?
- How is your comfort zone affecting you in your daily life?
- Handle stress in a healthy way
- Create new behavior and results, outside your comfort zone

Pillar 2 - The foundations of time management: ‘How is your personal leadership effecting your time management?’ 
- Get a better understanding of what it takes from you to become more effective in time management. - What does Leadership mean?
- Become a proactive leader in time management and life
- Become more assertive and create more time
- Learn to delegate and become more effective

Pillar 3 - The tools of time management: ‘How to become an effective leader in time management?’

- Learn to integrate the Time management Matrix into your life
- Learn how to build lasting effective habits into your work
- Create leadership in others

The program consists of different modules with in between assignments, personal coaching to anchor the learnings and group coaching to work on assignments. The length and depth of this program are customizable to your company's vision and demand. In that way the program can be scaled up and down. 

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What are our results?

The results are tangible, visible and lasting. Thinking about improved communication skills, career succes, higher emotional intelligence, more connected relationships, boosted self confidence, new sense of purpose, restored motivation...the possibilities are endless.

88%   Increased assertiveness, self confidence and courage

75%   Increased communication and connection in relationships

81%   New level of happiness, health and motivation


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