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Evoking Leaders Program

Evoking Leaders Program is a way for achieving deep personal growth, developing leadership skills, and improving your ability to speak with power and clarity. It is an experiential process that guides you through profound self-discovery and make a difference in others.

This program is not only a training in public speaking or leadership, but also in attitudes and ways of being. By training attitudes, which arise from emotion and not from the mind, communication is much more natural, fluid, secure and convincing.

Duration:    12 months, 176 teaching hours
Participants:    maximum of 10 participants
Program:    4 levels + graduation (all face to face)
Location:    every level in a different European City


Level 1: Advanced Emotional Intelligence tools

When attending this Level 1, you can expect to experience spontaneous opportunity to lead teams, cathartic meditation, group feedback exercises, improvisation, and artistic expression.

  • 5 days, from Wednesday at 11:00 to Sunday 19:00
  • Location: the Netherlands

Level 2: Leadership training + Personal Coaching

The Leadership level is an intensive 4-day curriculum (+ 8 coaching sessions) that is designed to create a high level of commitment to building lifelong habits that will support you in achieving elevated levels of excellence, productivity, and focus, improved emotional intelligence, and transformed relationships.

  • 4 days, from Thursday at 11:00 to Sunday 19:00
  • Location: Spain

Level 3: CCA Coaching Program

Intensive 5 days theoretical and practical training to become a Transformational Coach to develop the skills of a professional coach to use them in your personal and professional life; to be a better manager, employee, teacher, father, mother, human being… Leader.

You will have the possibility of being certified by the CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance) 

  • 5 days, from Wednesday at 11:00 to Sunday 19:00
  • Location: Sweden

Level 4: Advanced Oratory Skills

Only if If you have something to communicate to the world…

We help people communicate their essence and uniqueness in a world where it is increasingly difficult to appreciate the difference. You will learn to inspire others to do the same. 

  • 4 days, from Thursday at 11:00 to Sunday 19:00
  • Location: Portugal


Its all in the journey… (St. James Way).

This is a journey of Leadership, listening, adaptation, development of others, empowerment, recognition, enthusiasm, self-regulation, commitment, resilience, partnership, celebration, …, are some of the aspects to work.

We will celebrate the individual and team achievements during the 12 month training, including the mystery of walking the St. James Way for 2 days. 

  • 4 days, from Thursday at 11:00 to Sunday 19:00
  • Location: Santiago de Compostela (Spain), St. James Way

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