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Online Engage Basic Training

The Engage Fundamentals Training provides an opportunity for you to create a new perspective about who you are and what you’re truly capable of. In just 7 days occurring across two powerful weekends, you will develop a new set of tools and ways of being in emotional intelligence and personal leadership, that will support you in any challenge, enhance your relationships and get to another level of being your best self. 

Dates Upcoming Engage Fundamentals Training:

  • Weekend 1: Basic Training (3 days): October 4-6th 2024
  • Weekend 2: Advanced Training (4 days):  Winter 2024

Program of the two weekends...

  • Discover your full potential in the first weekend (Basic) ... This first weekend is about the basic emotional intellingence skills and gives you the opportunity to take an honest look at your life. This program includes a series of experiential exercises, where you will be able to clearly see what has been holding you back and discover your full potential. 
  • Breakthrough beliefs and get sustainable goal achievements (Advanced) ... The second weekend is about the advanced emotional intelligence skills, in which you will breakthrough your barriers, learn how to express emotions, master time management, increase your motivation, improve your self-esteem, inspire and empower others and get sustainable goal achievements.

Time table

Weekend 1
The Basic
Friday 13:00 - 21:30
Saturday 10:00 - 20:30
Sunday 10:00 - 18:30

Note: There will be breaks throughout each day. End times are approximate.


  • Weekend 1 - The Basic:                          599 euro incl. VAT (899 euro excl. VAT for businesses)
  • Weekend 2 - The Advanced:                  799 euro incl. VAT (1099 euro excl. VAT for businesses)
  • Full Engage Fundamentals Training:    1250 euro incl. VAT*

* For business registrations the price of the Engage Fundamentals Training package is 1899 euro excl VAT. For small entrepreneurs and students up to 25 years of age, ask for our special offer.

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What are our results?

The results are tangible, visible and lasting. Thinking about improved communication skills, career succes, higher emotional intelligence, more connected relationships, boosted self confidence, new sense of purpose, restored motivation...the possibilities are endless.

88%   Increased assertiveness, self confidence and courage

75%   Increased communication and connection in relationships

81%   New level of happiness, health and motivation


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