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We are an international training and development company for personal and professional growth. We offer unique Transformational Leadership Coaching, Trainings and Academy Programs with the aim of evoking leadership in people.

It is our vision that people have the opportunity to create anything; fulfilling relationships, a successful career, ... a life worth living. The only thing it takes to unleash your full potential, is the courage to dream, the openness to look at things from a different perspective, and the commitment to take action on your vision. That is exactly what our work is about. If you want to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others, join us in the journey of transformation!

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What are our results?

The results are tangible, visible and lasting. Thinking about improved communication skills, career succes, higher emotional intelligence, more connected relationships, boosted self confidence, new sense of purpose, restored motivation...the possibilities are endless.

88%   Increased assertiveness, self confidence and courage

75%   Increased communication and connection in relationships

81%   New level of happiness, health and motivation


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Gett Involved
This program is something else! Because of GettInvolved I am more aware of my behavior and the impact I can have on others. The program gave me freedom, a lot of new energy and made me aware of what is truly important for my life. Thanks GettInvolved for this wonderful experience and I can highly recommend this training!
Floor - Student
Gett Involved
'I know a lot of leadership trainings, but they pale in comparison with the trainings of Gettinvolved! Life Changer!'
Lilian - Communication Professional
Gett Involved