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Managing and Coaching

Managing and Coaching are two different fields of expertise, asking different sets of qualities, skills and ways of being. If you want to develop a balanced coaching management style this is the training for you.You will discover and develop your coaching skills and apply them in your professional and personal life. You will become a true leader to your team and improve all relationships. The one with your co-workers, your employees, but also your personal relationships.

In order to achieve all that you first will discover your own full potential. So it all starts with your own personal development. The journey to grow as a person in order to learn to make others grow around you. You will learn to create an environment in which organizational goals will coincide with personal goals. To create a learning environment which is at the same time inspiring and high performing. Where your team can grow and develop, a team where diversity is an asset and a challenge to work with for you as a leader.

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