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Parenting Workshops

We all love our children. But often being a parent is not such an easy job. We all do things that work and we do things that don't work. So there is no such thing as a perfect parent! The secret of successful parenting is found in how we as parents are able to interact with our children, even when emotions run high. In our workshop you are step by step going to learn to be a coach for your child and transform the relationship you have with your child. 

In this program you will get:

  • Tools and awareness to create that vital connection. 
  • Which makes you able to support your child(ren) through life's ups and downs 
  • In a way that builds confidence and helps them grow!

Program content:

  • The program starts with finding out more about your parenting style (part 1) - find out what is your specific parenting style? And how does it effect the relationship you have with your child?
  • In part 2 you will learn new ways to connect with your child's emotions. To be able to engage when your child is in an emotional state of sadness, anger or fear
  • In part 3 you will learn tools to coach your child effectively 

Dates and location

  • Workshop 1: Parenting Styles - New dates coming soon (from 19.30-22.00)
  • Workshop 2: Connecting with your Child - New dates coming soon (from 19.30-22.00)
  • Workshop 3: Being a Coach for your Child - New dates coming soon (from 19.30-22.00)

Location: Gettinvolved Trainings Center, Jagtlustkade 12c, Sassenheim. 

Pricing and practical

  • Regular price per workshop: 60 euro (75 euro for couples). 
  • Regular package price for 3 workshops: 150 euro (190 euro for couples)
  • Find out about this program and come to part 1 for an introduction price of 25 euro (35 euro for couples) or an introduction price of 100 euro for the full program (125 euro for couples). 

The workshops will take place in English or Dutch, depending on the language of participants 

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What are our results?

The results are tangible, visible and lasting. Thinking about improved communication skills, career succes, higher emotional intelligence, more connected relationships, boosted self confidence, new sense of purpose, restored motivation...the possibilities are endless.

88%   Increased assertiveness, self confidence and courage

75%   Increased communication and connection in relationships

81%   New level of happiness, health and motivation


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