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Teen Icons - Emotional Intelligence Program for teens at the age of 12+ years

Education is the springboard for children to their future. In addition to knowledge and skills, this future requires more than ever knowledge of yourself and social skills. Knowing where your qualities lay and how to deal with disappointments creates leadership and resilience. To find your place in a society that is changing faster and faster and in which knowledge is becoming more obsolete. In regular education, attention is primarily paid to cognitive skills and knowledge. But it is precisely emotional skills that complete the picture.

Who am I? What do I want? Why do I react the way I react? Who am I in a group? Do I dare to speak out or do I keep my mouth closed too often? Being able to answer these questions gives children a foundation of self-confidence and self-esteem that will strengthen their position in society. 

In our program 'Teen Icons' we train children in 5 modules of emotional intelligence skills and their rol in the group. To create self awareness, self confidence and teamplayer skills. 

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We learn from parents that they have the need to learn to support and coach their child. As a possible for parents to learn more about how to work with their child, and be of support, we organize 3 consecutive parenting workshops on this subject. 

- Workshop 1: Parenting Styles (November 22nd)

- Workshop 2: Connecting with your Child (December 13th)

- Workshop 3: Being a Coach for your Child (January 17th)

- Workshop 4: Personality Styles of your Child (date to be announced)



Regular price per workshop: 60 euro, 75 euro for couples. Regular package price for 3 workshops: 150 euro,

Find out about this program and come to part 1 for an introduction price of 25 euro!

If followed directly after part 1, workshop 2 and 3 have a combination price of 99 euro. 







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