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Teen Icons - Emotional Intelligence Program for teens at the age of 12+ years

Education is the springboard for children to their future. In addition to knowledge and skills, this future requires more than ever knowledge of yourself and social skills. Knowing where your qualities lie and how to deal with disappointments creates leadership and resilience. To find your place in a society that is changing faster and faster and in which knowledge is becoming more obsolete. In regular education, attention is primarily paid to cognitive skills and knowledge. But it is precisely emotional skills that complete the picture.

Who am I? What do I want? Why do I react the way I react? Who am I in a group? Do I dare to speak out or do I keep my mouth closed too often? Being able to answer these questions gives children a foundation of self-confidence and self-esteem that will strengthen their position in society. 

In our program 'Teen Icons' we train children in 5 modules of emotional intelligence skills and their rol in the group. To create self awareness, self confidence and a teamplayer skills. 

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Rock & Water - Program for children at the age under 12 years

R&W is a practice-based and evidence-based programme. The aim of the program is to promote a positive development of social and emotional competences and to prevent and/or reduce problems in the intrapersonal domain (how do students see themselves) and the interpersonal domain (how do students interact) in children and young people. Subjects R&W: psychological well-being, internalizing behavior, depressed feelings, Reducing or preventing aggression, sexually transgressive behaviour, bullying and being bullied.

This is done by teaching social skills together with peers, often in a school setting in which all pupils are generally involved. The motivation and involvement of students is high due to the physical exercises, games and real situations (scenario training) and safe atmosphere in which these are practiced. In each lesson, exercises and games are regularly interspersed with moments of psycho-education, self-reflection and group discussions. Each lesson ends with a processing assignment to optimize the transfer from practice to practice. Learning to use the Rock and Water concept gives students more insight into social situations and the impact of their own behaviour. Rock stands for being able to indicate one's own limits, being able to make independent decisions, being able to go one's own way. Water stands for communication, being able to listen, looking for solutions together, and respecting the boundaries of others. During this process, they learn to make well-considered decisions, including in social situations, and they develop more and more versatile behavioral alternatives.

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