It is a one year High Performance Personal Leadership International Program, a training that has the purpose of contributing to turn your personal and professional vision into reality, it is designed to support you to face daily challenges of your life, creating new opportunities, breaking with your past, strengthening your relationships and creating new ones. It is an opportunity to grow as a human being.

Part 1 - Basic & Advanced Training

The Basic and Advanced Program is an emotional intelligence-based transformational leadership program, occurring across two powerful weekends: the 3-day Basic Training and the 4-day Advanced Training. It is for people who are ready to take themselves on to become their best selves. Use it to enhance every area of your life – launch your career, reinvent your relationships, and effectively take your health to the next level. Step up in leadership in your entrepreneurial ventures, your family, your community, and your workplace.

Part 2 - One on One Personal Coaching

Guided by a profesional certified CCA Coach; weekly sessions to reinforce the learnings from the Basic and Advanced training and prepare you for the Personal Leadership Program where you will achieve goals that matter to you and enhance your relationships.

Part 3 - Personal Leadership I-III

The PL Program is designed for you to create lasting and extraordinary results. You and your team will also make a meaningful impact in the world and inspire others to live a life of empowerment, abundance and joy.


Our two programs where we work with children, parents and educators to create more united and happy families.

Comet Program

For children from 6-12 years old were they can learn to be loving, risk-taking, empathetic, powerful…

We are working on it, so that soon your children can enjoy it. We will keep you posted.

Towards Program

Basic coaching skills for parents and educators to transform Homes and Schools where they will obtain tools to communicate effectively, coaching skills to empower children, improve their own emotional intelligence and leadership competences.